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  • compiled ffmpeg without MMX optimization, could fix video problems
  • test if picture is locked before removing all pictures from cache in TPictureCache::Clear
  • do not load pictures anymore if already shutting down


  • fix bug when setting character to an object (clear VCharacterDestination, only set characters on scene if object is on different scene)
  • fix bug when removing pictures from picture cache. This fixes crashes due to animation preloading which could occur randomly.


  • fix bug when setting character to an object
  • new action parts 'Display object text' and 'Clear object text'


  • allow 'right click' execution type for item actions
  • fix bug with action part 'Set command' so the correct active command is detected in action part 'If command is current command'
  • add area actions to composed file when building game


  • possible to use string value (VValueString) in text replacement with <vs=value_name> tag
  • new field VGameUsedItem in data structure which contains the currently used item (either picked up item or used with a combined command)
  • new field VGameCurrentObject in data structure which contains the object below cursor


  • fixed action part 'start/stop earthquake'


  • fixed bug with animation with only one frame and random order playback (player was hanging forever)
  • fixed bug with storing way point connections in editor (VPointRelations field). Sometimes a connection was stored multiple times which increases way calculation time in player significantly
  • do not try to calculate a way if starting way point and destination way point are not connected at all. Otherwise all possible ways are tested which can take a lot of time.


  • fixed bug with compiling games: videos referenced multiple times can now be replayed correctly


  • fixed bug with 'Key released' actions for '+' and '-' keys. These actions are now executed (when key was pressed on num pad)
  • added 'double click' execution type for item actions


  • fixed bug with fading background music when changing to new scene (music was not played sometimes depending on settings for 'fade effect' and 'continue music')
  • fixed bug when loading savegames which could cause crash


  • fixed a bug when playing videos of a compiled game where each video is stored in a container. In case the player crashed or was aborted during previous playback the video file is now decrypted. This was not taken care of when playing a video and thus this video could never be played again.
  • fixed bug with setting active command of game and character when changing the current character.
  • fixed possible crash when using action part 'Keep scene in memory'
  • fixed problem with path finding where the character could leave way borders
  • fixed bug with compiling games: interface leave action and all referenced files in this action are now added to composed file


internal testing only


official Visionaire 3.2


official Visionaire 3.2.1


  • fixed crash when additional button animation (not standard animation) was active and the interface of this button was deactivated while the animation was still running.
  • do not log message if config.ini could not be found (usually the case when started from editor)


  • fixed bug when reading config.ini (due to change in build 1053)
  • fixed bug when an animation frame could not be loaded. This could sometimes (although very unlikely) lead to unpredictable behavior (crash, etc.)


  • encrypt header of png-images in compiled games so they cannot be copied from the container
  • display way-points without size information (-1) in different color (active color - point color)
  • new player commands getCursorPos and setCursorPos
  • new field VInterfacePosition in data structure which contains the current position (upper left corner) of an interface


fixed bugs from build 1055:

  • fixed performance bug when compiling games
  • bugfix when compiling games with jpg images. Compiled games crashed.
  • icon in visplayer.exe was missing


  • fixed bug when interface is shared between characters. Items were not updated when character was changed.
  • improved text export: Unified export for different formats. Additional settings. Added text export to csv file.
  • added speech file import (work-in-progress)


player only. fixed graphic display


  • fixed graphic display from Build 1057 (due to testing code)
  • finished speech file import


  • support for wide screen displays (either from command line with -r=Auto|Desktop|Game, in the editor GUI for player options or in the config.ini with Resolution=Auto|Desktop|Game).
  • player does not crash anymore if there are no characters in the game or if there is no active character defined. Instead an error message is written to the log file and the player is terminated.
  • possible to set log level for log messages (either from command line with -ll=info|warning|error, in the editor GUI for player options or in the config.ini with LogLevel=Info|Warning|Error).
  • fixed bug with 'give' command. This command behaves now correctly again.


  • improved performance when adding or pasting objects (action parts, etc.) to a list/tree.


  • fixed bug with 'load game'/'load autosave': undefined behavior if action part for loading was not last action part of the action.
  • added key action for Escape key


official Visionaire 3.3


  • fixed bug when standard command is a combined command and is used to combine an item with another object (without dragging). If no action is executed a comment is now shown.
  • fixed bug when skipping an 'If' or 'Else' action block which contains a 'Jump to action part' action part.
  • fixed bug for importing speech files: if filename of existing speech file was used and the file extension was different then the filename was not set correctly.
  • improved speech file dialog: new option to keep directory of imported files. show wait cursor while importing speech files. Store last used import directory.
  • do not show games with 320x200 or 320x240 resolution in double size in windowed mode.
  • added option to set window size with resolution parameter (command line parameter or ini-file), e.g. resolution=640x480 to show the current game in a window with 640x480.
  • show black screen after video is finished.
  • store recently used action parts when closing editor and reload on startup.
  • fixed bug when showing action text in rectangle on screen (position was always 0,0 before).
  • fixed bug with selecting preview character for way points or preview scene for particle systems.


  • import and export of team files (work in progress), import summary is missing, needs testing ...
  • fixed speaker text alignment setting (options in combo box were in wrong order), fixed alignment 'centered (position defines left)' for speaker text.


  • almost finished implementation of import and export of team files.


  • finished implemenation of import/export of team files.


  • fixed critical bug in data structure which could cause unexpected behavior.


  • fixed bug for importing team files (due to bug fix in build 1068)


  • fixed bug with setCursorPos command when widescreen support is activated.
  • fixed bug when widescreen-support is not activated in Player options. The player is always started in original game resolution as expected.
  • fixed various bugs for importing team file (copy object modifications when there is no conflict, additional message dialogs when trying to import wrong file etc.)


  • some improvements and bugfixes for importing team files.


only for testing!

  • fixed bug for multiple animations with same direction (usage of VCharacterAnimIndex).
  • complete rewrite of data structure (import of team files not implemented yet). has still a few bugs.


only for testing!

  • fixed bugs for undo/redo operations.
  • implemented importing team files for modified data structure.
  • comparing object names when importing new objects from team files.
  • fixed bug for editing individual pause for animation frame.


only for testing!

  • fixed bug with empty object (e.g. 'current character' was not shown correctly in action parts).
  • fixed some bugs when closing Visionaire.
  • when importing team file and an object was changed then show the object name of this project and not of the imported file (the object name could have been changed in the team file).
  • fixed bug when importing new objects.
  • new objects of team file will not be imported if parent object was deleted in this project. Unexpected behavior before.


only for testing!

  • fixed bug when setting link: no error is shown if link was already set.
  • fixed bug on shutdown of player which could lead to a crash.
  • additional optional parameter to command 'getObject'. If set to false no warning will be printed to log file if object could not be found.
  • fixed bugs with calling dialog part action in player.


  • fixed bug when replaying dialog in player and selected dialog part does not have an action.
  • fixed bug with mirrored animation: actions in animation frames will also be replayed.


  • added new fields VGameCursorHorizontalScrollDistance and VGameCursorVerticalScrollDistance to set the distance of cursor to the screen border where scrolling will be started.
  • also merge game object when importing team file.
  • fixed bug when merging objects and a link of an existing object references a new imported object. The link was not set correctly.
  • improved shown name of modified object in import overview dialog. For actions where the user cannot enter a name (e.g. start action, left mouse click action) the field name is shown for the parent of a modified action part.
  • importing text from csv file: fields do not need a text delimiter (" at start and end of text), the text delimiter is optional now.


  • fixed bug when setting [any] object. This is now possible again.
  • correctly set order of new imported objects.


  • fixed crash when deleting parent links (e.g. fixes crash when an animation with property frames mirrors another animation).
  • fixed possible crashes during shutdown.
  • fixed memory leak in links control in editor.
  • fixed memory leak when removing last element from an object list (e.g. used for combined conditions).
  • fixed bug in animation editor: when mirrored animation was set and then the mirrored animation was modified the event was executed twice.
  • fixed bug when changing/inserting/removing values in a value list (e.g. animation frames): The last modified info was not set and thus the change was not imported from a team file.


  • fixed bug for selecting animation frame when animation frame timeline is scrolled.
  • fixed bug with interface list for characters: list is now shown again.


  • fixed bug with cursor position when widescreen support is used.


  • fixed another bug with cursor position when widescreen support is used.
  • do not create active action objects when starting an action which is already running, do not create additional active action objects when saving actions.


  • fixed bug with setting cursor position (script command setCursorPos) when widescreen support is used.


  • fixed bug when scrolling vertical to given point. Also fixed possible "jiggle" when scrolling to point.
  • fixed bug with restarting animations after loading a savegame.
  • fixed order of items in interface after loading a savegame.


  • fixed bug with button group: list of buttons is shown again.
  • fixed bug with restarting item animations after loading a savegame (does not work with savegames from previous build).
  • when changing from a scene to a menu stop all animations (as before) except animations in menus.


  • fixed bug with savegames: do not save finished actions.


  • fixed bug with copy&paste: do not allow pasting objects to lists where they are not allowed (could lead to crashes and invalid behavior otherwise).
  • fixed bug when character is leaving scene vertically (at top or bottom): use character size from scene edge and not 100%.


  • restart button standard animations after loading save game.
  • store all animations which were started by the user (with an action part), including endless animations.
  • store lua global variables in savegames.


only for testing!

  • changed code for handling animations.
  • music volume is now used as volume for videos.


  • changes for widescreen support: drawing to texture because of problems with some ATI cards otherwise (testing).
  • fixed possible crash with animations when changing scene and an object has still a non-object animation running.
  • fixed problem with starting animations after changing outfit: it could happen that the animation was not started after loading savegame.
  • build game: added option if videos should be encrypted.


  • changes for widescreen support: directly scale sprites because of problems with some ATI cards otherwise (testing).
  • fixed bug with deleting animation frames: if an animation frame had additional properties (sound or action) then these properties were not deleted.
  • fixed crash with undo when deleting a new animation frame which has an action or a sound set.
  • fixed bug of possible flickering scene object when changing visibility of the object.


  • changes for widescreen support: using frame buffer object for offscreen rendering but directly use texture mapping to avoid artifacts with wrong interpolation. Also fixed display of videos and creation of savegame screenshots. (work-in-progress)
  • changed names of cursor animations: before: "Active/Inactive animation of <cursor-name>", now: "<cursor-name> (active/inactive)"
  • removed temppath option from player command line and from config.ini. Now the windows temp directory is used by default.
  • store savegames in Windows Local Application Data folder if game and company name are specified. This allows games to run with standard user rights (unlike before where the savegames were stored in the application directory). Added options for user name and company name to game properties which are used for the path.
  • Added Combobox to select object text font in game properties.


  • fix for widescreen support. Should now work correctly and without artifacts.


  • fix for widescreen support: fixed problem with possible ghost-images and wrong image during fade-in/out.
  • compiled with Visual Studio 2008.
  • new icons in editor.


  • added option to config.ini: UseTextureForWidescreen=Yes|No

'Yes' uses the method since build 1092 (default). Because there seem to be some performance issues the initial method for widescreen support can be activated with value 'No'. Additionally a command line parameter -utw=true|false can be used (usetexforwidescreen). These options are probably only temporary as long as there is no perfect solution for widescreen support.


  • fixed bugs for widescreen support when framebuffers are not supported (if framebuffers are not supported by graphics card the message "Framebuffers not supported. Make sure your OpenGL driver is up-to-date." is shown in the log). In this case OpenGL viewport transformations are used. With this method there could be small artifacts depending on the used images.
  • writing info message if framebuffer is used and if texture is used for widescreen (option from build 1095).
  • show black screen after video is finished (actually this was added in build 1064 but seems not to be there anymore?).


  • bug fix for widescreen support with framebuffer texture: set blend function before copying framebuffer texture (otherwise pixels with alpha < 1.0 get too dark)
  • fixed possible bug with animations which could lead to a crash. Make sure the animation owner is unregistered before starting a new animation.


  • performance improvement in editor when selecting an action. Before it could also happen that it took a few seconds when an action was selected, this should now also be fixed.
  • fixed bug when unloading character animations which could lead to a crash.
  • fixed crash when loading .png images with a palette.
  • fixed bug in editor lists: The order of objects was not correct sometimes, e.g. after pasting an object (then the next pasted object was inserted at wrong position).


  • fixed bug in editor lists (from build 1098): selecting an object in a dialog was not possible (e.g. object condition).


  • fixed bug with texture mapping for particle systems.
  • use local app data dir (with company and game name, e.g. "C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Local\Visionaire\Demogame") for log file, config.ini and dump file if game file (.ved or .vis) is given as command line parameter and if company and game name are set in game properties. Otherwise those files are written to the same directory as the .exe file (as before).
  • the used dir from above is available as "localAppDir" in Lua scripts.
  • new command line parameter lf/logfile which can be used to specifiy path+filename used for the logfile. This can be useful if there are problems loading the game file. Now the log file is usually created after the game file was loaded (because company and game name are not known before) and so errors while loading the game will not be logged. If the logfile filename is specified by the command line parameter the log file will be created before loading the game.


  • added additional check before saving actions in savegame. In case there are invalid actions when saving a warning "Trying to save empty action!" is written to the log file. Maybe this helps to fix a random crash with savegames.


  • fixed major bug when accessing objects by name in a script which could lead to a crash in certain circumstances.
  • fixed some issues with background color of some controls in editor.
  • new cursor icons.


  • fixed speaker text alignment setting (options in combo box were in wrong order), actually already fixed in build 1065 (but somehow the fix got lost?).
  • added field VGameObjectTextOutput to control speech+text output for object texts (similar to VGameTextOutput).
  • added new hi-res icons for editor and player.


  • make sure that movie data is valid before drawing movie frame. maybe this fixes possible crashes at end of videos.

Games4Windows compatibility ( ):

  • set volume of sounds to 0 when application is not active anymore.
  • added manifest to set requestedExecutionLevel.
  • make application dpi-aware.
  • added product name, company name and version info to exe file.


Player should now be compatible with Windows XP again (some changes in build 1104 were not compatible with Win XP):

  • adapted manifest and used newest manifest tool from MS.
  • use dynamic function pointers to make application dpi-aware instead of normal function call.


  • test if max. texture size is large enough to create texture needed for widescreen support.


  • write a BOM (byte-order-marker) to beginning of exported .csv files for better import compatibility with some applications (e.g. MS Excel).
  • if setting ShowIdInTextNames is set to 1 in general settings in viseditor.ini then the list of all texts also shows the internal id of the text.
  • do not hide lower workspace when deselecting object in scene object list (or button in interface button list).
  • permanently show 'preview' tab for scene and interface.


official Visionaire 3.4


  • fixed transparency bug: images with transparent color are shown correctly again.
  • fixed import of csv file with BOM (Byte-Order-Marker).


  • fixed import of csv file with empty fields and no text delimiters (lines with consecutive semicolons where imported incorrectly).


  • correctly import text for translated language, fixed bug for importing last column (no field delimiter) and for texts with escaped text delimiter.


  • write text context in exported .po text file.
  • added kerning for fonts.
  • fixed crash in case preloaded object animation was not unloaded before scene is changed.
  • added command line parameter -uld (-uselocaldir) with values true|false to be able to store savegames (and log file etc.) to the special folder CSIDL_APPDATA

FOLDERID_RoamingAppData (The file system directory that serves as a common repository for application-specific data), instead of the local user directory.

  • fixed bad OpenGL calls (maybe caused problems on some hardware/drivers with widescreen support).


  • kerning pairs are now separated by | instead of ,
  • log trace messages (which can be activated in the console with 'SET TRACE ACTION|ANIMATION ON') as info or warning so they can actually be seen in the log file.
  • text speed is now also interpreted for <pt> pause tags.
  • fixed interpretation of text speed in 'Set text speed' action part. 200% means that the text is faster, i.e. it is shown for a shorter time while 50% means that the text is slower and shown longer.
  • fixed setting scene for character through scripting with field VCharacterScene. If the character was on another scene and was set to the current scene it was not shown.


  • if a text contains no pause tag at the end then automatically set pause and do not wait for user to click. If the text contains a speech file then the pause will wait until the speech output is finished, otherwise the pause length depends on the length of the text.
  • increased default text speed for automatic text pause because speed was way too slow.


  • if a scene object contains a specific action then the immediate action of an item will not be executed and the character will be sent to the object instead (to execute the action when the object is reached).
  • do not create an automatic pause for object texts.


  • set VCharacterDestination to real destination in case user clicked out of way-borders (instead of clicked point).
  • VGameActionTextFont is also stored in savegames.
  • fixed bug which could lead to a crash when the scene is changed and an item was picked up.
  • show log message about unterminated cutscene as info instead of warning.
  • fixed bug which could cause some actions not being started after loading a savegame (log warning "Trying to save empty action!").
  • load icon.bmp if available and use it as application icon (shown in window and task manager).
  • fixed bug with execution of action with double click or mouse hold event (from Build 1115).


  • writing report file report.txt when building a game. This report contains the contents of each written container file.
  • new ffmpeg integration: videos should now run much better, no more memory leaks or memory fragmentation which could lead to crashes.
  • fixed crash in editor when using undo while editing a polygon of an object border.
  • new picture preloading implementation: fixed problems with memory fragmentation which were caused by animation preloading (could lead to crashes for very large games).
  • fixed building game: files used in dialog actions are now added to the composed files.
  • fixed building game: speech files of object texts are now added to the composed files.


only for testing!

  • image size is not stored in .ved file anymore. In case the size of an image was changed it is not necessary anymore to reload the file in the editor.
  • removed cutrect from sprites. The whole image is now always used.
  • fixed crash when clicking on rename button in editor while the label of an entry is currently edited.
  • added new action types 'at beginning of scene' and 'at end of scene' for scene actions.
  • test nested table level when saving global lua variables. Limit to 10 nested levels to avoid crash on cyclic reference.
  • do not store lua tables with a field '_temporary_' in savegames.
  • fixed bug when fading scene (using 'fade to new scene' or 'shift left/right' fade effect) with activated widescreen support. The fade effect is now shown correctly.


only for testing!

  • fixed bug which caused some disappaering images (sprites which were already cached).
  • filenames for language files do not contain special characters anymore (language name is read from xml file), this caused problems on other OS than Windows.
  • fixed building game: linked action of dialog part could be added to wrong container (after build 1117).
  • static linking of assimp32.dll
  • reinserted hack (removed in build 1118) to load old ved files since the original Demogame.ved also needs this hack to load correctly.
  • fixed wrong vertical position for mirrored animations.
  • fixed localAppDir for windows. must be directory of ved file (when started from editor) if no company and game name is specified.
  • if mouse hold or double click event is processed and no specific action was found then try to execute normal left click.


  • fixed bug with image size when displaying interfaces, scenes etc. in editor.
  • stop actions which are in an endless loop. Previously they were only paused (and resumed on the next player main loop iteration) and consumed a lot of resources.
  • fixed crash when opening explorer.
  • fixed possible crash when importing team file.
  • fixed wrong placement of items with an animation.
  • execute 'at beginning of scene' actions after objects and animations of new scene are initialized.
  • when 'Align character on immediate execution' is checked, the character is now explicitly stopped before aligning it. Before it could happen that the character was still walking but the wrong walk animations (e.g. opposite direction) was shown. needs testing.


only for testing!

  • implemented sprite cache. Replaces picture cache removed in build 1117 due to memory fragmentation problems.
  • immediately process selection events in editor - needs to be tested if this does not have any side effects. This solves the problem when a scene object is selected and the tab is changed to 'Way systems', previously the object tabs were still shown in the lower workspace.


  • fixed textures of particle systems.
  • fixed bug with execution of item actions with type button hold and double click. The actions were not executed at all.
  • fixed various savegame screenshot issues.
  • remove savegame screenshot from menu when deleting current savegame.
  • reverted change of selection events from previous build because it caused some other problems.


  • only process selection event immediately when changing from scene object tab to another tab.
  • fixed scroll arrows in dialog area (display of active scroll arrow, scrolling dialog options).


  • fixed bug with alignment of savegame description. When the savegames are scrolled it could happen that the text position was not correct anymore.
  • do not read/write old model table from/to savegames (resulted in invalid error log message).


official Visionaire 3.5


  • fixed savegame bug for storing global lua variables. When saving again the variables were added to the Visionaire table and thus stored multiple times.


  • fixed bug with image size when displaying object sprites.
  • fixed bug when item was picked up and dropped on a scene object and the character was stopped before reaching the object. In this case the picked up item could not be removed easily anymore.
  • fixed possible crash in editor when selecting a scene area action.


  • fixed bug with displaying savegame screenshot. The screenshots were sometimes not displayed correctly.
  • fixed display bug when fading to new scene with 'fade to new scene' effect. Semi-transparent areas were not shown correctly.


  • fixed bug when loading a savegame. Previously it could happen that already finished actions were started again when loading a savegame.


  • correctly show action text next to dragged item.
  • improved performance for writing ved-file.
  • fixed possible crash when writing very large ved files (> 100MB). The file is now written in chunks to avoid out of memory errors.
  • support for unicode filenames in lua function


  • added fields VGamePicBufferSize and VGamePreloadedPicBufferSize to set buffer size (in KB) for reserved memory at game startup. This buffer is used for loading images and should be large enough to hold the largest image (either an image of a preloaded animation or any other), otherwise memory must be allocated dynamically which can lead to memory fragmentation.
  • added field VGamePreloadPicThreads to set number of threads used for preloading animations. VGamePreloadPicThreads number of buffers with size of VGamePreloadedPicBufferSize will be preallocated.


  • fixed bug in text translation editor: a text can now be translated for a language which was created after the text.
  • fixed bug when loading savegame: the current language was not set correctly.
  • fixed compiling of game (not using binary project file format).
  • fixed possible crash when displaying object texts.


  • fixed bug when displaying savegame screenshot: if a savegame is removed and a new savegame is created instead of the old one, the new screenshot is now displayed.
  • correctly display grayscale png images.
  • added lua command to register event handlers for 'animationStarted', 'animationStopped', 'textStarted' and 'textStopped' events.


  • added lua command to register event handler for 'mainLoop' event.
  • added field VCharacterActionDestPosition. When this position is set (different value than -1,-1) and the user executes an action on this character, the character will walk to the position VCharacterActionDestPosition and execute the action there.
  • added lua commands 'setSteamStat', 'getSteamStat', 'resetSteamStats', 'setSteamAchievement', 'getSteamAchievement' for steam support.


  • added lua command to register hook for 'setTextPosition' hook.
  • VCharacterActionDestPosition is now stored in ved file and can be set in editor.
  • fixed access by object path (getObject lua command) for objects with a name only containing digits.
  • fixed printing unicode strings (containing non ascii characters) with lua print function.


  • fixed bug when multiple characters were following another character (not all characters were following all the time).
  • fixed selecting transparent color in load graphic dialog.


official Visionaire 3.6

  • deactivated steam support.


  • activated steam support.
  • fixed getTime() command to return correct time measurement.
  • added 'mouseEvent' for registerEventHandler lua command.
  • upgraded ffmpeg implementation.
  • added support for video subtitles.
  • added lua command 'createScreenshot' to save current screenshot to a file and to manually create a screenshot which is used for savegames.
  • improved memory management for screenshots (used for fading to new scene and savegame screenshots).
  • fixed memory leak when a sprite was reused from the cache.


  • fixed crash when saving current screenshot to a file.


  • subtitle and audio track of a video can be selected by language.
  • added fields VGameVideoSubtitleFont, VGameVideoSubtitlePosition, VGameVideoSubtitleLanguage and VGameVideoAudioLanguage. VGameVideoSubtitleFont is the font used for rendering the subtitle text. VGameVideoSubtitlePosition is the position where the subtitle will be displayed (centered horizontally), if not set the subtitle will be shown at the bottom. VGameVideoSubtitleLanguage is the language name to select the subtitle track, if not set no subtitle will be shown. VGameVideoAudioLanguage is the language name to select the audio track, if not set the first audio track will be played.


updated dlls needed!

  • setTextPosition hook is now also called for speaker texts.
  • added setting PicBufferSize in [General] section of viseditor.ini to set size for preallocated buffer for loading images (see GamePicBufferSize in data structure documentation).
  • added 'getActionText' hook.
  • added new fields VGamePreallocatedTextures3Bpt and VGamePreallocatedTextures4Bpt to preallocate textures with 3/4 byte per texel. This should be especially useful for graphics cards with shared memory to avoid memory fragmentation.
  • the fields VGameVideoSubtitleFont, VGameVideoSubtitlePosition, VGameVideoSubtitleLanguage and VGameVideoAudioLanguage are now stored in the .ved file instead of savegames.
  • improved import of csv files for importing texts: csv files exported from OpenOffice can now be handled without manual adaptations.
  • fixed replacing field names in script when multiple field names occur in parameter for getObject (when compiling a game).
  • fixed crash when the character is not on the current scene and an item was used on another item.


  • implemented new parser to read xml files (.ved, .vis and savegames). The new parser is much more memory efficient. It should not be a problem anymore to load huge project files (hundreds of MB, previously the limit of the ved file was ~100MB).
  • fixed registration check in editor.
  • cursor can now be hidden in actions called at start and end of scene.
  • fixed selecting entry in resolution combo box (some resolutions could not be set).
  • fixed scrolling of particle systems: when a particle system is attached to a scene object the particle system is scrolled with the scene.
  • position of particle system emitter is now set in pixel coordinates.


  • fixed scroll bug (actually fixed reading invalid rects from ved file which caused this bug).
  • all textures are created with 4 byte/texel - this reduces memory fragmentation (especially for shared memory graphics cards)


  • when the current command is changed and an item is currently dragged, the dragged item is not cleared in case the new command also supports dragging of items.


  • handle adding/removing of animation sprites in graphics tool so newly created object animations are immediately visible on the scene.
  • added setting for pixel-effect in game properties.
  • partially fixed particle system transformation in editor. Particles are now visible but position is not accurate (yet).


  • particle system position in editor is now correct if zoom is 100%.


official Visionaire 3.7


  • info dialog in Editor only shows image instead of video because there is a bug in wxWidgets video playback.
  • fixed loading ved files saved before v3.6.
  • fixed updating items when an interface is used by multiple characters.
  • new lua command getProperty to return platform/steam initialization status.
  • fixed input fields for size of particle system emitter (space emitter), the size is now also given in pixels.
  • fixed bug with wrong character speed after loading savegames.


official Visionaire 3.7.1

  • fixed drawing multiple particle emitters in editor.


  • item animation names are set to item name of containing item. This allows access of an active item animation by the item name.


  • set default path and filename of currently selected file when opening file dialog.
  • new volume types 'video' and 'global' which can be set with 'change volume' action part.


  • set default parent selection when changing selected radio button in dialog to select an object (e.g. when switching from 'Scene objects' to 'Scenes' for selecting a condition in a scene action, the current scene is preselected in the list).
  • added option to automatically create 'Display text' action part when a new action is created.


  • only update opengl viewport if application is active. This saves a lot of system resources when the editor is not active, e.g. when starting the game from the editor.
  • select default radio button in dialog for object selection which matches best (i.e. where a parent category can be pre-selected). E.g. when creating a 'call action' action part for a character and opening the dialog to select an action the 'Characters' radio button is preselected as well as the character (in the list below) where the action belongs to.
  • check 'Wait until animation is finished' for 'Play/Hide animation' action part by default.
  • fixed bug in "load graphic" dialog: only allow one open file dialog.
  • fixed bug when moving animation frame: if the frame had sound or action settings those settings were not moved.
  • new player commands startSound, stopSound, getSoundId, getSoundProperty, setSoundProperty, toggleSoundPause.
  • added 'stop dialog' action part
  • added new field VCharacterSize which stores the current character size.
  • added options to select target platform in build game dialog (Mac OS X target not implemented yet).
  • added 'path' parameter type for lua script commands. The string for a path parameter should contain a 'vispath:' prefix, this ensures that the path will also be found when the game is compiled (e.g. startSound('vispath:sounds/bell.ogg') )
  • fixed bug when building game: same file could be added multiple times to different container files.
  • added 'Continue' option for 'Active sounds' combobox in 'Play video' action part.
  • only start walk animation for new direction if animation is different from currently shown animation.
  • show object animation and image in dialog to select object position/center.
  • automatically start edit label mode for new list items.
  • fixed bug when changing selected scene: do not reset selected notebook page and thus avoid "loosing" lower workspace.
  • show "preview" in way systems tab to display object images and animations.
  • always update scene animations when animation playback is activated.


  • better performance
  • redesigned graphicslib (bigger textures, faster sprite part creation, less fragmentation)
  • new file format veb
  • webp codec
  • performance diagnostics menu


  • added field VGameSpeechLanguage to set language used for speech output.
  • set focus for list control when scene object is selected via tool -> better visibility of selected item.


  • dialog to set filter for displayed texts in text list.


  • make sure cursor is not reset while editing text in extended language text control (e.g. for text translations).


  • make sure cursor is not reset while editing text in language text control and text control (e.g. for scripts).


  • stretch text control in action part editor to use available space.
  • Italian translation.
  • fixed activating graphics tool for scene objects.
  • unregister all windows on exit to avoid crash.
  • convert key codes for special keys F1 - F12 and arrow keys (necessary due to SDL 2.0 upgrade).
  • multiple event handlers for mainloop and mouse events.
  • store registered event handlers in savegame.
  • fixed display of preview tab for way systems.
  • fixed possible crash when editing way system.
  • make sure dialog for action part selection is large enough to display all action part groups.
  • show file dialog when selecting an image (dialog to set transparency can be shown by holding ctrl-key).
  • do not show other mirrored animations in mirror animation dropdown.
  • center view with large background graphic in case auto zoom is disabled.
  • insert new scene object at correct position interally (-> objects are drawn in correct order).
  • make sure all color controls in options dialog are visible.
  • activate speech file control for a new 'display text' action part when a text is entered.


registration changed to Visionarie 4.x (new key needed)

  • fixed pausing all sounds (sounds were not continued after video playback independent of setting in action part).
  • support string lists in lua commands (needed to set model textures for outfit).
  • removed option 'Save action of this action part' for 'save game' and 'execute autosave' action parts because this setting is hard to understand and probably never used anyway.
  • removed option 'Continue background music' because the setting is not really helpful. The music is automatically continued anyway if it is the same as in the previous scene.
  • shrunk data structure, merge Textlanguages and Texts
  • switch to wxGLCanvas
  • new walkcycle editor
  • fixed handling of animation index for last direction
  • 3d character models implementation
  • display full action text when item is picked up (if command or picked up item should not be shown then clear language text for command/conjunction word)
  • hide character alignment and object center in object editor for menu objects.
  • group same texts for .po file text export, otherwise PO-Edit complains about duplicate message ids.
  • allow toggle onion-effect in animation editor independent of other tools, wrap onion frame at end of animation timeline.
  • added hook function getCharacterAnimationIndex (signature: int func(visobj, int, int) - parameters: character, animationType and direction) to get animation index for current direction of character.


  • added getTextStr method to lua VisionaireObject to return text (string) of text object for given language.
  • fixed key generator (new key needed).
  • added option to set if character walk animation slides or if character only moves on new animation frame (VOutfitSlideWalkAnimation).
  • fixed updating action part list when removing if/else-action part.
  • improved character scaling: character size is now calculated with decimal (float) values instead of integer.


  • fixed crash in explorer dialog.
  • allow setting walkcycle for model animations.
  • return number (instead of integer) in VisionaireObject getFloat method.
  • updated website links in help menu.


  • always use local app dir for savegames and logfile. if no game/company name is given then use project name.
  • fixed crash in explorer dialog
  • fixed some path inconveniences, e.g. do not add project/game/company name to config and log dir.

config.ini and viseditor.log are now both stored "AppData\Local\Visionaire Editor"

  • fixed walkcycle for model animations
  • new password for composed files and videos (previously compiled games are incompatible with new player).
  • added VGameShowBlackScreenAfterVideo field in data structure, if true then black screen will be shown after a video is finished.
  • try to load config.ini from current directory first (to get game name and other optional settings), only second time config.ini is read from local app dir.


official Visionaire 4.0 beta


  • fixed setup for Windows so Demogame is installed in Documents folder instead of Editor directory.
  • show error message if loading game fails because file does not exist.
  • updated error message when load fails due to unexpected error and removed converter call (ved 2.x -> 3.x conversion).
  • show error message if selected platform is not available when building a game.
  • fixed possible path problems when adding files to container (e.g. adding screenshot to savegame could fail).
  • internal: generic function to call event handler/hook function.
  • bug fix: call getActionText hook also for action text displayed in interface.
  • internal: full reference counting for TVisionaireObject (not fully tested yet - could have possible side effects!)
  • added: ReplaceGame command to change binary vis files and savegames now uses VGameComposedFile to load the requested .vis file (VGameComposedFile is now in savegames)
  • bug fix: set window brightness (gamma) only if it was different from the default value (100)
  • bug fix: create internal text object if it does not exist (e.g. fixes button conjunction text field - text could not be entered)
  • added linux (64 bit) player
  • added scene limit of 10 scenes for freeware version.
  • fixed tool in animation studio dialog to set feet center.
  • extended <pa> pause tag so a pause value can be specified in case speech output is disabled (e.g. '<pa350ms>' waits for 250 milliseconds in case there is no speech output).
  • workaround for bug with radio buttons in hidden tab (e.g. create two scripts, change radio button of one script, switch to first tab, select other script and switch to second tab -> radio button for second script is changed): changed script radio buttons to checkbox, changed interface displacement to dropdown.
  • reworked mouse properties tab.
  • added middle click and mouse wheel up/down to general actions in mouse properties and to action execution types.
  • added datastructure fields to store truetype font settings, extended font properties gui.
  • only write script content if content was changed - fixes undo problem with script content.
  • added options to 'Set command' action part to activate standard command or next command.
  • do not automatically create sprite for new object - sprite is created on demand.
  • fixed setting active language for text control.
  • fixed crash when parsing csv file for text import.
  • replaced scripteditor in actionparts
  • fixed setting action part name when command is changed from show text to other action part with link.
  • fixed path problem for vispath (path parameter for commands) in scripts when compiling a game.
  • added support of true type fonts and model animations for compiled games (.vis files).
  • fixed generating license key (could generate invalid key for certain names).
  • do not stop exporting speech files (for other languages) of a text if there is a missing speech file.
  • .vis filename can have spaces.
  • fixed loading image sequence (in animation editor) when images are in same directory as the project file.

official Visionaire 4.0 RC


  • Lua Scripts remote debugging.
  • fixed player crash when selecting dialog part.
  • fixed textcontrol for MacOS
  • fixed action part / slider issue MacOS
  • fixed copy&paste script's issue
  • fixed nearest neighbor interpolation
  • fixed truetype font orientation
  • fixed crash with deleting action part
  • fixed treecontrol for MacOS
  • fixed bug when loading 3d model file.


  • stretch action editor in waysystems action area to use available space.


  • added path controls for save game screenshots
  • fixed colorcontrol for windows
  • fixed stretch action editor
  • fixed savegame crashes
  • fixed paths for MacOS and iOS
  • fixed crash with saving xml files
  • fixed <pt> fallback if sound file for <pa> text is not available
  • replaced liblua with luajit to reduce memory and speedup scripts
  • fixed refresh animation if animation properties are changed
  • added action part 'wait until character stops speaking'
  • fixed label for 'set command' action part
  • fixed stop sound if close text editor preview dialog
  • updated to wx 3.0.1 fixes few wxbugs


  • fixed aligning character to object when executing action and character already stands at object position.
  • fixed initializing action execution types in action editor when action type is changed (e.g. switch from scene to menu).
  • re-introduced 'continue music' setting.
  • fixed 3d assimp implementation
  • shader support, opengles 2.0 rewrite, npot textures, tweening support
  • fixed possible crash on editor exit.
  • fixed loading game table after preload (fixes inventory scrolling bug).
  • export narration and object texts in text export (with file per character setting).
  • directly add new action part to tree instead of population whole tree - if possible (no if/else/endif action part).


  • graphics fixes


official Visionaire 4.0 final


  • fixed mouse midde/right click bug: don't send character to object with middle/right click.
  • added toggle option to 'set condition' action part.
  • bug fix: active text can only be skipped with left click.
  • bug fix: unwanted ansi conversion caused words to disappear in the editor.
  • use animation pause if individual pause is not set (-1).
  • new feature: moving scene objects.
  • added option to align character to scene object in 'align character' action part.
  • fixed problem for loading the background image (in a dialog) when the OGL context was not initialized yet.
  • index hooks for Lua Visionaire Objects to allow easier code. e.g. game.CurrentCharacter.Position={x=0,y=0} is now possible.
  • bug fix: activate high dpi support
  • bug fix: sizes exceeding 2048 wont work in the editor (on higher resolutions the viewport was too small)
  • bug fix: remove amp (JIT texture compression) to support Windows XP


official Visionaire 4.0.1

  • deactivated lua scripting improvements from build 1172.


  • fixed aligning character to scene object in 'align character' action part.
  • added options 'no individual execution at destination', 'send character to cursor' and 'send character to object only' for middle/right click and left button hold.
  • reinstalled lua improvements
  • fixed ttfont alignment.
  • fixed crash with savedobject that is not on scene.
  • execute both actions from dialog part if both actions are specified.


  • keep position of previously linked sprites (scene object sprites).
  • Android movie support
  • Added VP9 and H.295 decoders
  • fixed sound cracking under IOS
  • fixed linux executable
  • updated linux start bash script
  • fixed 3d import files
  • resizeable window function for the player; config.ini and command line setting
  • fixed npot support for the editor
  • improved shader renderpasses
  • fixed possible crash on exit


  • added keyboard handler for lua
  • added sprite rotation and scale fields
  • added line spacing for tt-fonts
  • added option to colorize existing bitmap fonts and save memory
  • bug fix: execute actions in menu for right/middle click and left button hold when character is not sent to cursor (bug introduced in build 1174)
  • fixed savegame screenshot when the last scene transition (to the menu screen) was done with fade effect 'Fade to new scene' or 'Shift left/right'.
  • fixed old v3 savegame screenshots
  • fixed linux steam api for LINUX


official Visionaire 4.1

  • bug fix: skip cutscene on keydown event.
  • fixed deleting object from object tool.
  • bug fix: scale after cutscene


  • bug fix: luaJIT IO functions - use wide-character open for windows and make sure mac uses utf8 paths
  • added action parts 'move object to' and 'if character is aligned to'.
  • fixed pasting dialog parts to other dialog layers than first layer.
  • fixed numbering of dialog layers after delete, paste and move up/down.
  • fixed compiling game with multiple interfaces.
  • bug fix: keep previous scroll position after deleting action part or adding if/end if action part.
  • fixed deactivating graphics tool (could cause invalid preview data, crashes, etc.).
  • bug fix: crash if speechFile not exists
  • fixed ffmpeg bindings for all builds
  • new feature: added complete luasocket callbacks (ltn12, mime and mime.core for http requests)
  • mac specific: codesign v2 and yosemite support
  • fixed steam_api loading for mac and linux and updated to SDK 1.31
  • fixed fonts not showing on mobile and linux
  • mac specific: Retina (HiDPI) fix
  • mac specific: MacAppStore compatibility
  • new feature: display an image on paused videos
  • fixed editor file loading
  • new feature: multitouch event handler for mobile
  • reworked mobile touch usage (e.g. swipe right skips cutscenes and movies)
  • bug fix: point tweens don't get finished
  • bug gix: get rid of can't open file messages
  • bug fix: combine ttf drawings, fix ttf on mobile and mac


  • show error message if saving project file failed
  • fixed 'change character speed' action part: the action part now also works if a character movement was defined for the walk animation.
  • fixed startDefaultBrowser for iOS
  • fixed localResoucesDir on MacOS
  • new setting: always show interface (also during cutscenes)
  • iOS: ready for 1. Februar 2015 (armv7 and arm64 -
  • convert application name from utf8 (fixes issues with non-ascii values in filename)
  • update screenshot before drawing screenshot for fade-out (e.g. hidden cursor for fade-out screen)
  • fixed deleting speech file
  • new animation editor tool to set frame displacement
  • added new script command isPointInsidePolygon
  • fixed creating savegame-screenshot when using shaders
  • execute called action immediately (for new games, keep old behavior for existing games for backward compatibility)
  • bug fix: correctly set automatic pause for text without pause tag at the end.
  • bug fix: lua localResourcesDir path
  • bug fix: use SavegameScreenshot for Scenes and not menus
  • new feature: add mouse position hook
  • bug fix: crash on macOS with font tooltips
  • new feature: add resolution to getProperty lua command
  • bug fix: interface always firing mouse out


  • bug fix: setWindowBrightness can be darker & lighter range 0 to 200 -> 100 = default and returns true if supported.
  • new feature: alt+enter to toggle window mode; Lua commands: toggleWindowMode (toggle window mode); getWindowMode (fullscreen or not); setWindowSize to set the window size
  • bug fix: corrupt scene objects after duplicating or paste a scene (MacOSX)
  • mac specific: bug fix: resize column with in visionaire editor
  • mac specific: remapped keys for visionaire editor
  • improvement: scene fade performance
  • bug fix: non ascii chars don't get counted for ttf size
  • bug fix: fix particle crash
  • iOS Specific: remove GAME directory for ResourcesDir (codesign v2)
  • new feature: Controllersupport with force feedback and 3rd party controller support (staging)
  • new feature: spine (staging)
  • new feature: gog galaxy SDK support
  • improvement: renamed Steam lua commands; it now uses GameClient for Steam and GOG SDK
  • bug fix: use brightness if different in config.ini
  • bug fix: correctly set automatic pause for text without pause tag at the end
  • export duplicate texts as own entries in po export file because texts in one language could have different translations in other language.
  • show snoop animations above all scene objects.
  • bug fix: cropping of images placed outside of menu scene. (rotation)
  • improvement: resize movies bilinear or bicubic (down and upscale)
  • improvement: reworked audio and video code to fix different sound and video formats.
  • improvement: read webP faster under ARM
  • fixed ogg vorbis in movies implementation; fixed sound cracking issues
  • fixed setVolume(eGlobalVolume, x) overwrite
  • High DPI Aware for Windows 7 and 8
  • improvement: re-enable preloader
  • fixed dialog options, so they can be scrolled correctly


official Visionaire 4.2

  • bug fix: remove keep scene in memory from player


  • fixed getWindowBrightness command


  • libcurl added
  • gog galaxy added
  • spine added
  • game controller support added
  • iterateable lua tables (Fonts[1])
  • zooming functions added
  • fixed TTFs
  • fixed vsync issues with walking speed